Dual - An ADV Game made in 48 hours

TYPE: Game design and development
INVOLVEMENT: Wolverine Soft 48-hour Game Jam
DURATION: Jan 17,2014 - Jan 19,2014
COLLABORATORS: Yang Liu, Dili Hu, Miaoxing Wang
MY ROLE: Game design, graphic design, Music


Dual is an ADV game made in 48 hours based on the competition theme "Separate". The core concept is collecting the mysterious notes to find the secret of two parallel worlds. Use 'Up, left, right' key to control the guys. 'Escape' for restarting the game. Once the hero "U" get the weapon, U'll get 5 bullets and press 'space' to fire! Zombie, monster and broken glasses will harm U. U'll die if U fall from suspending island. U can only shoot monsters, but not the zombies.

The welcome interface of the game
Stage 1
Stage 2
One of the ending scenes