Armor Blitz

Armor Blitz

TYPE: Mobile game design
INVOLVEMENT:Square Enix Collective
DURATION: December,2014 - Present
COLLABORATORS: Andrew Yang, Kevin Byunggyu Jeon, David Cai
MY ROLE: Interaction and UI design, Video production

Armor Blitz game trailer

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Armor Blitz is an upcoming Android mobile game where you assemble a squad of WWII anthropomorphized tank girls and lead them to battle in lane-based combat. The gameplay consists of a mixture of card collection and tug-of-war lane battling. Armed with a small force of tanks, you must fight back against the force of the Corruption. As the General and commanding officer, it is up to you to give the orders and find the source of the mysterious invasion.

Armor Blitz logo design


My responbilities for Armor Blitz include interaction and UI design, some branding design, and video production. The game consists of two main forms of play: combat and collection. Combat consists of entering an enemy territory and directly engaging their forces. If you win, you unlock more battles and earn drops from the fight such as new tanks, upgrades, and resources.

Before battle the player can assemble a force similar to building a deck. Each tank has its own set of advantages, disadvantages, and abilities that can help turn the tide of battle. When you enter battle, you will start with a randomized starting "hand" from your deck.

From there, you can drag and drop the tanks into battle and they will automatically charge to engage the enemy forces. As the General, you are also equipped with special abilities to turn the tide of battle such as calling down artillery strikes or raising the morale of your tanks.

Armor Blitz Overview


Armor Blitz is currently under full-time development and nearing the alpha stage in the single player campaign. The combat system and map progression is done and we are focused on designing battles, boss AI, UI revisions, new tanks, and player abilities. While the base framework is finished, there is still quite a lot to work and polish to be done.

The game is anticipated to be released on the Android platform in the second quarter of 2016. From that point forward we will continue updating and adding new content to the game.

Battle Preview
Game Preview