TYPE: App design and development
INVOLVEMENT: Winner of Innovation in Action: Solutions to Public Health Challenges
DURATION: Jan,2014 - March,2014
COLLABORATORS: Elizabeth Cotter, Meaghan Cotter
MY ROLE: Interaction design, Prototyping, Website development, Video production

GoodOne App Demo


GoodOne is an interactive mobile phone application that aims to promote health and wellness. The goal of enliven is to decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression (irrational fear, worry and sadness) through promotion of positivity.

GoodOne Overview


Based in positive psychology, through use of the application, individuals are given the opportunity to enhance, or more fully engage with specific "character traits" that closely align with the ideas behind positive psychology. These include: vulnerability, worthiness, open-mindedness, acceptance, gratitude, forgiveness, and kindness.

Personality Traits


This positive thought, and self-acceptance is done by completing small, "Daily Do's" in which individuals not only reflect on the self, but engage with individuals in the community. By using this application, people will be able to track individual growth in certain areas, practice daily positivity, find daily inspiration, and give back in small ways to the community.

The hope is that through use of the application, symptoms of anxiety and depression (worry, fear and sadness), will decrease because people will become more aware of the self, accepting of the self, more engaged with daily life, gain a greater sense of worthiness and live with greater happiness.

Early Prototype Demo


GoodOne started with Innovation in Action: Solutions to Public Health Challenges competition at University of Michigan in 2014. After five months of hard work, the team won the first place in the competition with the early prototype of the app, which was called "Enliven" at the time. The team decided to move on with the project, and revisited the concept, design and platform of the app. With two developers joining and working on development, the beta version the app is ready to release on App Store in the early July.

GoodOne at SXSW2015
First Place at Innovation In Action
Early Prototype